Mociso Farms Livestock Sanctuary & Rescue, Ltd.

Providing Compassionate Care for Senior, Abandoned, Abused and Special Needs Farm Animals

Our Mociso Farms Rescue Store

  • Walk proudly in your Mociso Farms Rescue T-shirt or Hoodie! 
  • Purchase the right blend of organic herbs for the health of your goat, sheep, pig, rabbit or poultry!
  • Support our Save Heritage Breeds program with some rare & threatened heritage breed hatching eggs!
  • Home grown mealworms, handmade rabbit toys, crafted on-site rabbit pens and poultry coops!
  • Home baked dog treats, and much more! 

Check back often to see what we are doing at the farm to raise awareness and funding for the Sanctuary.

T-Shirts & Hoodies

Get your Sanctuary logo t-shirt, hoodie or tank now! Thanks to Bonfire we can offer these up and shipped straight to you! More designs will be coming down the line. Help the rescues now with your purchase. $5 of every product comes back to the Sanctuary!



Animal Herbals

Our rescued animals stay healthy and worm-free thanks to our proprietary blend of herbs and natural remedies.

These farm grown herb blends are available now through our storefronts located on:

Ebay Rescue Store

Etsy Rescue Store

Hitchpin Rescue Store

If you want to pick up locally and avoid shipping, choose the "pickup local" option if available or contact us to come by to pick up. 



Save Heritage Breeds Hatching Eggs & Heritage Poultry Rescue


Rare heritage breed chicken, duck ,turkey and quail eggs for hatching. 

More info at our rare and endangered poultry program page: Save Heritage Breeds


See our Storefronts for options:




Or Contact for local pickup

Chicken, Quail & Rabbit Homes

You are going to LOVE these heavy duty, hand-crafted, stylish homes for your rabbits, quail, chickens & more!

Building Now!

Check out our pictures and more info on our Craigslist ad

Custom built quail, rabbit, small animal cages. (

Standard pen build is 72x39x27. Also have larger units. Can customize builds. Generally 4 day build time.

Order yours today through the Craiglist link or Email us.


Grown fresh at the Sanctuary for your poultry's delight.



Animal Treats

Baked fresh on the Sanctuary with wholesome ingredients.




Help us make a difference in the lives of senior, abused, abandoned, & special needs farm animals