Mociso Farms Livestock Sanctuary & Rescue, Ltd.

Providing Compassionate Care for Senior, Abandoned, Abused and Special Needs Farm Animals

Providing Compassionate Care for Senior, Abandoned, Abused and Special Needs Farm Animals

We cannot rescUe without U!

We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) animal welfare association relying soley on your donations

Meet Porky! He loves eating tomatoes, celery & apples.

Say Hi to this cute little piggie. We call him Porky Baggins (he lives next to our Duck Hobbit Hole!). Porky is very smart and knows how to sit for treats!

Our Mission, Our Goals

Here at Mociso Farms Sanctuary we provide homes for animals who are in need. Many senior farm animals need a place to retire when their work on a farm is done. Many well-intentioned owners can no longer provide the best care for the livestock they have. Unfortunately, some farm animals are abused, neglected, and abandoned. Many come to us with special needs. 

Here at Mociso Farms Livestock Sanctuary & Rescue, we strive to provide for these beautiful, farmed animals by offering appropriate nutrition, free-range pasture, shelter, love, and compassion.

How you can help


Monetary donations are greatly needed and appreciated, however, there are many other items we could use at the Sanctuary as well including: 

hay, straw, fruits & veggies, barn lime, pallets, wire spools, cleaners, first aid items, fencing & posts, chicken wire, children's play equipment & houses, kiddie pools, waterers, cinderblocks, wood & roofing materials, chicken coops and dog houses. Gift cards to feed or pet stores work well too. 


Wish Lists

Choose from one of our wish lists. We get so excited around here when a package for the animals gets delivered! 

Amazon Wish List

Chewy Wish List

Some items are marked "Priority" when the wish list allows, and we try to keep that up to date. Feed, minerals, supplements and treats are our biggest request. 



Sponsor your favorite Sanctuary Animal here! You will help offset the care expense for the rescue you choose.

Pick one (or more!) of our amazing goats, sheep or piggies for just 10 dollars a month!

Pick one of our fabulous rabbits, hens, roosters, ducks, gander or turkey for just $5 monthly!

Sponsor our rescue in general for a year and come visit us at our Annual Sanctuary Sponsor Cookout for $300 yearly


Did you know?

*** Our Farm Sanctuary is named after our first 3 rescues? ***

 Mojito (aka MoeMoe) was a pug terrier mix rescued from a Florida shelter. Moe Moe has since left us for Doggie Heaven and took a good chunk of our hearts with him.

CiCi is pictured above. A feisty little senior Chihuahua mix that took on FIVE coyotes and survived!

Sofie, an American Eskimo, was rescued from a very abusive situation. Ten years later, her damaged hips have healed, and she is the biggest snuggle bunny ever!

Mo  Ci  So = Mociso Farms


***Our Sanctuary & Rescue is also a Certified Wildlife Habitat? ***

We are certified through the Kentucky Waterways Alliance and the National Wildlife Federation. We work to sustainably provide food, water and coverage for bees, butterflies, reptiles and small mammals.

If you would like to help us continue this effort, please consider donating here.


*** We have an educational conservancy program to save rare and threatened heritage breeds of farm animals? ***

We are passionate about saving the genetics of rare and threatened farm animals such as Salmon Faverolles Chickens, Myotonic Goats and KuneKune swine. Read more about how you can help save many more heritage breeds from extinction on our Non-profit Save Heritage Breeds Site.



Reach out to us

Do you have a question for us? Send us an Email or use the Contact Form below.


PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU CONTACT US. We are available by appointment only. You must pre-arrange drop offs or pickups. We are unfortunatly unable to except potbelly pigs, bucks, rams or roosters at this time due to lack of space. We are not veterinarians. If you have an animal emergency, please get to a vet! We cannot rescue animals without permission from the owner or county's animal control. We have limited help and spend that time caring for the rescues and not answering phones. Please contact us below or through email, facebook, or Google Text.  Thanks for understanding!        ***DO NOT DROP ANIMALS IN OUR DRIVEWAY!!! ***

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Contact us

TEXT NUMBER ONLY: 270-501-0300

E-mail: Contact@MocisoFarmsRescue.Org

Address: Ekron, Kentucky 40117

"It was enjoyable to view the loved rescues at this sanctuary. The founders are amazing people who provide great caregiving and a great environment for animals who are living their best life here. Help them so they can continue."

                                 -Dobbin Hobbs Louisville, Ky.


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